Life In Squares Episode Three Promotional Pictures



The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the third and final episode of Life in Squares. Based on the lives of the Bloomsbury Group, particularly Virginia Woolf her sister Vanessa Bell and Duncan Gant and written by Amanda Coe (Room at the Top) the drama will be broadcast on Monday the 10th of August from 9:00pm to 10:00pm on BBC Two. It stars Eve Best as Vanessa Bell; Catherine McCormack as Virginia Woolf; Rupert Penry-Jones as Duncan Grant; Andrew Havill as Clive Bell; Guy Henry as Leonard Woolf; Jack Davenport as David ‘Bunny’ Garnett; Lucy Boynton as Angelica Bell; Finn Jones as Julian Bell; Edmund Digby-Jones as Quentin Bell and Simon Thomas as George Bergen. More promotional pictures and the episode synopsis can be found below:

Twenty years have passed when we rejoin the friends in 1937.

Duncan and Vanessa, now played by Rupert Penry-Jones (Spooks, Silk) and Eve Best (The Honourale Woman, Nurse Jackie) remain at Charleston Farmhouse, painting, living and loving alongside each other, along with Vanessa’s children Julian, Quentin and Angelica. Charleston remains an idyll, a ‘convent dedicated to art’ yet one seemingly under siege from the outside world.

A defiant Julian announces his determination to fight against Franco in the Spanish civil war, while Angelica, who remains unaware of her true parentage, escapes to London to become an actress. While there she becomes close to Duncan and Vanessa’s old friend, David ‘Bunny’ Garnett.

Vanessa’s worst fears are realised when Julian is killed in Spain. Unable to process her grief, she cuts herself off from those around her, with the exception of Virginia, by now enjoying huge public acclaim, who nurses her with great care and compassion.

Cut off from her mother, Angelica finds herself falling in love with Bunny. Duncan and Vanessa are appalled. Not only is Bunny more than 20 years older than Angelica, he was the source of so much anguish in their early years living together at Charleston. Vanessa attempts to reach out to Angelica but her heavy-handed intervention only serves to push her daughter further away.

As the Second World War rages, Virginia finds herself engulfed in mental turmoil while Vanessa and Duncan come face to face with the very human consequences of their own experiments in living.



























With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media. 


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