The Dark Tales of The Dark Knight #24 (The Carpenter’s Tale)

Batman Carpenter's Tale


By Will Barber – Taylor

Following the previous edition of TDTOTDK, in which we looked at a great story featuring Clayface, this time we look at a story more focussed on the set building element of Batman’s rogue gallery in The Carpenter’s Tale (Batman: Streets of Gotham 12 – 13)

Unlike Nowhere Man, The Carpenter’s Tale doesn’t focus on Batman but instead on the world surrounding The Dark Knight. By looking at elements that aren’t normally seen and playing with the conventions of villainy, The Carpenter’s Tale provides a quirky and interesting look at the underbelly of Gotham.

Centring on the titular Carpenter, The Carpenter’s Tale isn’t really a Batman story. In fact most of the action is about “The Carpenter” (really called Jenna Duffy) attempting to stop herself being killed by the person who has hired her; an insane director who wants to create a line of super hero snuff movies starting with Batman.

Duffy’s character is likeable enough to be the centre of the action though at times she comes off as a slightly less deranged Harley Quinn. The plot if fairly loose with The Carpenter encountering Batman briefly at a night club filled with drug dealers who The Dark Knight intends to send to prison. After this she is sent to the location The Director wants her to go to so she can build the set for his grand snuff film. As the story is only two issues long, that is all it needs and so isn’t too lightweight to be enjoyed.

Batman Carpenter's Tale 2

The artwork in the tale is nicely done with Szymon Kudranski bringing a rather cartoonish style of artwork to the story. In something far more dramatic this would be out of place, however here it seems to fit in nicely and goes with the more playful temperament of the issues.

Overall The Carpenter’s Tale is a funny, interesting and slightly mischievous story that allows for an interesting side step look at the world of Batman and how his villains make such elaborate traps for him and his allies.

Next Time: Batman and Robin – Week One. 

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