Last Tango In Halifax Series Three Episode Four Promotional Pictures


The BBC have today released the promotional pictures for the fourth episode of Last Tango In Halifax Series Three. Starring Sarah Lancashire, Sir Derek Jacobi, Nicola Walker and Anne Reid the series is written by acclaimed writer Sally Wainright (Happy Valley, At Home With The Braithwaites). The fourth episode of the third series is set to air on the the 18th of January from 9:00pm to 10:00pm on BBC One. Below is the synopsis for the episode along with the episodes promotional pictures:


Caroline is overwhelmed at the prospect of looking after baby Flora on her own until a stranger walks into her life who may be the answer to her prayers. Meanwhile Raff is delighted at the news that his mum and uncle are getting wed. 








With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media. 

3 responses to “Last Tango In Halifax Series Three Episode Four Promotional Pictures

  1. Who cares that Gillian gets to marry her brother in law, the man she murdered and her sons uncle. Killing Kate was a useless plot twist, Kate could have just walked away, better drama. Four deaths is just too much and a ploy not worthy of a great storyteller.

  2. I cannot believe the point of killing Kate at all. The relationship between Carolyn and Kate was the main story line. Why can’t a relation between two women progress and remain constant? Honestly, I cried all night long over the stupidity. I could not care less about Gillian.

  3. God this is sad. There is a potentially devastating story in Caroline being widowed and raising a child on her own in middle age but it’s such a shame that it comes at the expense of Kate and Nina Sosanya’s brilliant performance. Culturally speaking it’s horrible that another queer woman of color has once again been killed off no matter how well written. Sally Wainwright has been brutal in the past but wasn’t there anyone else? John, Robbie, Raff even, that could have fulfilled a similar function.

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