Stella Series Three Episode Three Review

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By Will Barber – Taylor

In the third episode of the series, Stella continues with her nursing training and Michael’s daughter stays with her father for a few days causing some disruption on the street.

The series continues to go along its wonderful track as we see the continuing trials of Aunty Brenda as she sets up her bus business, Ben tries to get out of his grounding and Michael and Stella continue to bicker. Without dropping its many storylines, the show manages to juggle all the plot points and weave them expertly into a cohesive and very enjoyable narrative.

The cast is all very good particularly Michael (Patrick Baladi) and, of course, the titular Stella (Ruth Jones). The two characters manage to bounce off one another extremely well and the points in the show in which they bicker are the highlights of each episode. The power struggle is never viscous but plays more into the will they/won’t they scenario the series is setting up.

All in all, Stella continues to keep the audience captivated with its fun, clever writing and acting. In fact, if you need a good dose of sunshine in your daily life – you should watch Stella, it is better than going on holiday.

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