Official Robert Rankin T Shirt Range To Be Produced By


Image taken by SFX

Official Robert Rankin T Shirt Range To Be Produced By has just agreed a deal with “Purveyor of Far Fetched Fiction” Robert Rankin to produce and distribute T Shirts based on his illustrations to “The Bumper Book Of FICTS”.

The deal opens up all 89 illustrations from this 2010 work to be printed on shirts and other apparel and also the ‘Lost FICT’ an illustration that was never published in the final volume.

Robert Rankin is and award winning author and has in excess of 30 novels under his belt. Robert actually started life on course to be a professional illustrator. Many of his novels feature Robert’s artwork on the cover, either in the form of sculptures or illustrations, “FICTS” was his first fully illustrated work, based on a series of ideas by Neil Gardner.


VortexTshirts is a repository of scifi, horror, and geek culture T shirts. Working with a number of artists to produce ranges of inspired T shirts. The Bumper Book Of FICTS series of T shirts represents their first licensing deal

About ‘FICTS’

The Bumper Book of FICTS is written by award-winning radio writer, producer & director Neil Gardner, and illustrated by best-selling award-winning fantasy/humour author, and Father of Far-Fetched Fiction, Robert Rankin.

For more information please contact Brian Edwards –

Link to the original article here:

With thanks to @scifind for pointing me to the press release.


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