Beware The Batman: Fall Review



By Will Barber Taylor

Jason Burr who is still not in control of his body due to mind control by Cypher steals the Ion Cortex in order to make a deal with the League of Assassins. Batman, Katana, and Alfred then find themselves in a difficult situation as they battle the League of Assassins in a fight to save Gotham City from darkness.

The episode begins with a flashback to Alfred facing Ras Al Ghul with Katana’s father. After a difficult decision which leads to the death of Katana’s father, Alfred flees Ras’s lair.

The episode then cuts back to the present in which we see that Batman and the gang are preparing for the opening of the Ion Cortex. However, Dr Burr has one again been taken over by Cypher who is taking the cortex to The League. Chasing after them, The Dark Knight and co soon get overwhelmed by the League’s forces and Batman himself is captured. Katana and Alfred escape but not before Ras shuts down Gotham’s electricity supply leaving the city on the brink of possible destruction.

A fast paced, well written episode that manages to close the first half of series one of Beware The Batman in style, Fall rather like the previous episode deals with Batman’s limits. In this episode they are tested to the extreme and we wonder whether The Caped Crusader can overcome the threat of possible destruction at the hands of the master criminal, Ras al Ghul.

The cast is as always excellent and proves to be working as well in this episode as in all the previous episodes. The whole cast manage to come together and create a real sense of drama, particularly in the sensational final moments.

Fall proves to be a dramatic and wonderful ending to the first chunk of Beware The Batman stories and I look forward to seeing how the series arc  is wrapped up in later episodes.

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