Follow the Money Series Two DVD Review

By Will Barber Taylor

Follow the Money takes us into the world of economic crime in the banks, on the stock exchanges, and in the board rooms. It is the story of speculators, swindler, corporate moguls and the crimes they commit in their hunt for wealth. It is also the story of the rich, the poor, the greedy and the fraudulent who’ll go to any lengths to build the lives of their dreams.

A seemingly insignificant investigation into a small carpentry company that went bankrupt under mysterious circumstances catches Mads’ (Thomas Bo Larsen) attention, and soon he gets wind of a huge case involving a major bank. Claudia (Natalie Maderno) who has paid dearly for her involvement in Energreen, is now given an opportunity to atone for all the wrong choices she made whilst Nicky’s (Esben Smed Jensen) unique skills earn him an exciting job, albeit at a high price.

Following on from the dramatic ending of the last series, Follow the Money returns to our screens with another heart stopping look at the inner workings of the financial industry. Combining the best elements of a traditional detective story with the sort of real life deceits that banks get up to every day, the second series of Follow the Money is just as engrossing as the first.

With the fallout from Energreen still ever-present at the heart of the series, this series is really stolen by Natalie Madueno’s Claudia attempting to redress the imbalance caused by her work at the legal department of Energreen. Claudia’s determination to right herself of the wrongs she did whilst trying to advance her career are one of the most interesting character developments in the series and help keep the audience engaged whilst adding in new elements. Madueno’s scenes are wonderfully directed and depict her as both physically and mentally different from the first series, illustrating how destructive Energreen had been on her. Madueno makes Natalie seem far more relatable by subtly displaying her character’s inner anguish very effectively.

The scenery in this series is as beautiful as it was last time. The Danish landscape is brought to life by the production team and the interplay between the traditional landscape and the harsh, modern sets used for scenes set in the financial sector reflect an inner war present throughout the series between traditional, honest life and the corrupting influence of money.

In conclusion, the second series of Follow the Money is just as exciting, engaging and illuminating as the first. With some excellent performances by the returning cast and enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, I highly recommend Follow the Money.

FOLLOW THE MONEY SEASON  is released on DVD on Monday 10th April by Nordic Noir & Beyond. With thanks to Nordic Noir & Beyond. 

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