Taboo Episode Three Promotional Pictures

Taboo - Ep 3

The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the third episode of Taboo, a new eight part series starring Tom Hardy and produced by Ridley Scott. The series sees Hardy play James Delaney, who has returned from Africa to find his father dead and the East India Company attempting to take his land. The third episode of the series will be broadcast on Saturday the 21st of January on BBC One from 9:15 to 10:15pm. You can find promotional pictures and the third episode’s synopsis below:

James Delaney (Tom Hardy) finds himself alone with the mysterious Dr. Dumbarton (Michael Kelly) and discovers an unlikely new ally.

With enemies lurking in every corner, James decides only radical action and perilous affiliations will be able to safeguard him from those intent on his demise.

As he works to prevent further attempts on his life, James realizes there are other softer options – people close by – whom his enemies may choose to destroy in his place.

Taboo - Ep 3

 - Photographer: Robert Viglasky

Taboo - Ep 3

Taboo - Ep 3

Taboo - Ep 3

Taboo - Ep 3

With thanks to BBC Media. 

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