Cunk on Christmas Promotional Pictures


The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the latest instalment in the investigative journalism series, Cunk on… The latest special focuses on the meaning of Christmas in Cunk on Christmas set to be broadcast sometime during the festive season. You can find more promotional pictures, as well as the special’s synopsis, below:

Fresh from her in-depth investigation into the life of Shakespeare, Philomena is now on a festive mission to track down the true meaning of Christmas, and find out exactly what it is he wants. It’s an insightful documentary which takes her on a journey from pagan winter festivals and the nativity story, via “Sir Charles Dickings” all the way up to today’s obsession with Santa.

Along the way Philomena will be grilling a variety of experts, trying to expose the tough truth about Christmas, such as why people still put up with brussels sprouts.




With thanks to BBC Media. 

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