BBC Shakespeare Festival: Horrible Histories and Cunk on Shakespeare Promotional Pictures

Horrible Histories Sensational Shakespeare Special

The BBC have today released promotional pictures for two up and coming specials, produced as part of the BBC’s Shakespeare Festival to mark 400 years since the death of Britain’s greatest playwright. Below are promotional pictures for two specials looking at the funny side of the Bard of Avon’s work; Horrible Histories: Sensational Shakespeare Special and Cunk on Shakespeare – a Moments of Wonder special. The first special, made by the team behind CBBC’s Horrible Histories series is scheduled to air on Tuesday the 19th of April on CBBC from 4:30pm to 50:00pm. A synopsis for the special and more promotional pictures can be found below:

A special episode of the historical sketch show. A look at the life and times of the playwright William Shakespeare – from his largely unknown and humble beginnings in Stratford, through his times as a jobbing actor in London, to his success as the country’s most respected and financially savvy writer. Along the way we meet his gang of London friends – the playwrights, poets and brawlers Marlowe, Jonson and Spenser. We also explore the social history of Britain and the world and how, if you wanted to avoid the plague, it was important to eat your none-a-day portion of fruit and veg.




Horrible Histories: Sensational Shakespeare special stars Tom Stourton as William Shakespeare, Miles Jupp as Francis, Jess Ransom as Catherine and Louise Ford as Queen Elizabeth the First.

Alongside the Horrible Histories special is Cunk on Shakespeare. Cunk on Shakespeare is produced by House of Tomorrow, and stars Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk. The executive producers are Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, and the producer is Sam Ward. No date has yet been announced for when the special will air but it will be on BBC Two sometime in the near future. The special’s synopsis and promotional pictures can be found below:


Unrivalled wordsmith. Unequalled genius. Scholar of the Human Condition. Philomena Cunk is the ideal candidate to give the BBC Two audience a comprehensive guide to William Shakespeare. A regular contributor to Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, Philomena has proven herself a shrewd interviewer, an insightful critic, and a voice of wisdom for our troubled times. She’ll bring all of these considerable talents to bear as she authors a documentary about the Bard, across 30 factually accurate minutes. So without Much further Ado About Nothing, we present Cunk on Shakespeare. No doubt wherever he is, Shakespeare can’t wait to watch it. 




With thanks to BBC Media. 

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