Doctor Who: Hell Bent Synopsis and Promotional Picture


The BBC have today released a new promotional picture for the twelfth episode of Series 9 of Doctor Who. Starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman episode twelve,  Hell Bent is written by Steven Moffat and is the series finale of Series 9. The episode also sees the return of director Rachel Talalay. The episode is the second part of a two part story that will end Series 9 in a spectacular style. It is set to be broadcast on Saturday the 5th of December. Synopsis below:

If you took everything from him, betrayed him, trapped him, and broke both his hearts…how far might the Doctor go?
Returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor faces the Time Lords in a struggle that will take him to the end of time itself. Who is the Hybrid? And what is the Doctor’s confession?
With thanks to BBC Media.

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