Doctor Foster First Promotional Image

8914986-low_res-doctor-foster   The BBC have released the first image of Suranne Jones in new BBC Drama, Doctor Foster.

The drama set to air later this year is written by award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett and co stars Bertie Carvel as Doctor Foster’s husband. A synopsis can be found below: Doctor Gemma Foster (played by Suranne Jones) is a woman in control: she’s a respected GP, the heart of her village, a woman people can trust.  But Doctor Foster’s life is about to explode.  When she suspects her husband (played by Bertie Carvel) has been having an affair, she’s determined to find out the truth. Gemma throws herself into an investigation that will propel her, her family, and even some of her patients, into chaos.  Bit by bit, Doctor Foster uncovers secrets that shock her to the core.  Now she has to choose how to react.  And one thing is certain – she is going to behave in ways she could never have imagined. This is a drama with an intelligent, empowered woman at its centre – one with a huge battle on her hands, both in her personal and professional life.  Doctor Foster’s psychological and emotional journey will be complex, compelling, and utterly gripping.

With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media. 

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