Interview with Pete from Comichaus (New Online Comic Book Marketplace)


After promising an interview with the owner of new comic book market place, Comichaus back in our original feature on the site we can now present you with that interview.

Hi Pete, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Firstly, I’d like to ask you about Genepool, your independent record company. It provides music on several different platforms. When did you first become interested in producing and selling music?

I have worked in the music industry my whole life, starting in a local record shop. After 16 years of working at Universal Music I decided to set up my own label and distribution label – and we have been looking after a lot of artists’ and labels’ releases ever since – both releasing their wares digitally and in local record stores


How does Genepool manage to stay at the cutting edge of indie music when there is so much competition?

We count ourselves very lucky. Not only do we work with some amazing bands on the Genepool label, but the other labels we distribute have a great ear for music. Just in the 18 months Wolf Alice, Haim, and Jungle all had their first releases distributed by us….but that is solely down to our distributed labels Chess Club & National Anthem’s gift for finding the talent – I can’t take credit for that!


Moving onto Comichaus, your new online Comic Book marketplace, when did you have the idea to create an online Comic Book related selling website?

It was a few years ago – there were some marketplaces out there for comic books already in existence but I wanted something that was simple to use, not too expensive for the user, and had a database that could be edited by everyone. That way we can also build up a knowledge base of all the comics.


What sort of comics will people be able to buy and sell on the website?

All of them! We started with a core database of 200,000 comics just to get the ball rolling – but anyone can add to the database and then sell that particular comic book. So the site will hopefully grow and grow as more people keep adding to it.


Which comic book character is your favourite and why?

I grew up with 2000 AD as most British kids of the 70s and 80s did; so the characters I always keep going back to are the likes of Dredd, Johnny Alpha and  Rogue Trooper


Finally,  how do you see Comichaus going forward in the future?

We just want to build the site and get as many buyers and sellers on board as we can. It is always hard when you start up as people are reticent to commit to spending time listing their comic books on a new site – which I can totally understand. But we are getting there! One comic book shop in particular – Raygun Comics in Richmond – is in the process of adding 1000’s of their back issues to Comichaus, so it is great that we are getting that sort of support early on. I think it is also important that we can work with the bricks and mortar comic books shops – help to further build their brand and give them an easy back end store for them online! Same way that we try and support the indie record stores with Genepool.

With thanks to Pete, Ed Williams and all the Comichaus team for agreeing to the interview. You can visit Comichaus here and Genepool here.

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