UPDATED Full List of DC Comics Film Websites Registered by Warner Brothers


In recent weeks it has come to attention that DC have be registering a lot of new domains. On closer examination it turns out that these domains are simply old ones that DC are just getting back and reusing. Here is a near (as near as possible) list of all the films DC have got as active registrations at the moment. These sites at the moment don’t actually exist but DC has got the domains ready for them so it is safe to assume that at some point these films will be made. I’ll go through each domain and add when they were created ect. Here is the full list:

AquamanMovie.com, JusticeLeagueFilm.com, ShazamMovie.com,  WonderWomanTheMovie.com, MetalMenMovie.com, SandmanMovie.com, SwampThingMovie.com, PlasticManMovie.com, DeadmanMovie.com, TheFlashMovie.com, Fablesmovie.com, TheGreenLanternMovie.com, AllStarSupermanMovie.com , TheDarkKnightReturnsMovie.com and CaptainMarvelMovie.com [The last three are listed in a separate piece which can be found here ] as well as BatmanTheMovie.com , HawkmanTheMovie.com , CyborgTheMovie.com , MartianManHunterTheMovie.com

Not stated but possible: LastSonOfKryptonMovie.com, HawkmanMovie.com


The AquamanMovie.com  domain was first registered way back in 2000 and the domain expires this year. The domain was last updated in 2012, aka the last time it would be expired.


The JusticeLeagueFilm.com is a recent register, only having been done last year. It was last updated at the beginning of the year and doesn’t expire till 2016.


The ShazamMovie.com domain is another old one dating back to the same year as the Aquaman movie was registered. It expires this year as well and was updated in the same year as the Aquaman movie domain.


The oldest domain on the list, WonderWomanTheMovie.com was registered back in 1999. Interestingly enough the Wonder Woman domain, unlike the Aquaman and Shazam domains was updated recently and doesn’t expire till 2016.


WonderWomanTheMovie.com dates


The Metal Men domain was registered in 2007 and was recently updated, it doesn’t expire until 2015.


The SandmanMovie.com domain was registered in 2001 and was updated in 2012 meaning the domain doesn’t expire until 2015.


The SwampThingMovie.com domain was created before the start of this decade, in 2009 and doesn’t expire till 2015 as it was updated last year.


Perhaps the oddest on the list, the PlasticManMovie.com domain was created in the same year as the Wonder Woman domain. It was updated this year and doesn’t run out until 2016.


The Deadman domain was registered in 2009 and doesn’t run out until 2015 having been last updated in 2013.


Created in 2004, The Flash Movie domain was updated in 2012 and so now doesn’t run out until 2015.


                                                                                                                                  The Flash Movie


The most recent registration, this domain was made back in 2013 and doesn’t expire until 2015. It was last updated in 2013.


Fables Domain


Completely separate from the domain Warner Bros registered for 2011’s Green Lantern film, this domain was registered in 2009 and doesn’t expire until 2015 due to being updated in 2013.

Now these last two are both the most interesting and most confusing:


This one is interesting. Registered in 2012, this domain is currently in a redemption period meaning that is has passed the expiry date but it could still be redeemed. Of course this could just be a fan site but even so it is still interesting.


This one is also interesting. Though it doesn’t explicitly say that Warner Bros are in any way connected to it, it was registered using the same server as the other films and was updated recently. The domain doesn’t expire till 2016.


An interesting one this, simply because Warner Brothers are selling the domain. Yes, you can buy BatmanTheMovie.com for a limited time only! Get it while stock lasts! Why would Warner Bros be doing this? Surely they would want to keep all the superhero domains they want? That would of course be the logical thing to do. Only time will tell why they want to do this but until then we can only speculate. The domain was registered back in 2002, last updated in 2014 and will expire next year.


                                                                                       Buy while stock lasts


Now this is an interesting one. Registered only a nine days ago, this and the next two domains are registered using Go Daddy, a site which helps you buy and sell domains. It also means that the domains are not show to be owned by Warner Brothers. The person who has registered them is Daniel Spink. Now this Mr Spink has also registered the next two domains, Cyborg and Martian Man Hunter. They all run out in 2016. Could this be the actor Daniel Spink or more likely someone working on behalf of Warner Brothers to register the accounts in secret? Your guess is as good as mine.


MartianManHunterMovie.com information 

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