DC registers All Star Superman, The Dark Knight Returns and Captain Marvel Movie Domains


Going off the interest generated by the previous article I thought I should have another dig to see if the list was complete. Turns out I was wrong. DC have got quite a few more domain registered which are particularly interesting.



Could just be the old name for the Shazam project or could be an alternative title. Either way this domain was set up in 2000, the same year as the Shazam domain and was last updated last year and lasts until 2016.


Registered in 2006 , this one seems like it could have been the name for an old Nolan project. However Warner Brothers updated the domain last year and it doesn’t expire until 2016. The chances of a Dark Knight adaptation are slim but it still could be possible.


This for me is the most interesting. Registered back in 2010 this domain was updated only last month and lasts until 2016. Could we be seeing Henry Cavill being effected by pink Kryptonite? Anythings possible.


                                                                            All Star Superman

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