Beware The Batman: Nexus Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Contains spoilers for the episode

Six months after the blackout caused by the League of Assassins, new District Attorney Harvey Dent is trying to put a stop to the mask and cape crisis. Batman finds himself being framed for an attempted attack on the life of Mayor Marion Grange and takes drastic action to find out who is responsible.

While the previous two episodes were more dramatic, this episode certainly has an air of fun about it due to the return of one of Beware The Batman’s most loveable villains, Anarky. Throughout the episode he gives a wonderful whimsy to the whole proceedings which contrasts greatly with Batman who without Alfred’s influence is becoming darker.  This dichotomy which runs through the entire story provides the backbone of the tale. It also makes the confrontation at the end of the story between the two all the more interesting because they seems farther apart than before. The irony of the story being that the light-hearted Anarky represents evil and chaos while the much grimmer Batman represents justice and safety. It makes the audience wonder as to why justice is represented in such an unflinching way. The answer is, of course, that it is because justice strikes blindly and without emotion, like Batman.

The voice acting in the story is very good particularly from Anarky who is played by Wallace Langham. Langham takes real joy in his portrayal of Batman’s arch enemy. He rolls words on his tongue and has a sense of glee in his voice particularly when he is facing Batman. He makes Anarky watchable and in a strange way likeable. Due to this mixture of glee and sinisterness Langham makes Anarky the most watchable thing in any scene he appears in.

Nexus is another fantastic addition to the Beware The Batman episode list. With Batman becoming more introverted due to Alfred having left will he be able to regain his composure as he continues to tackle Gotham’s underworld? All will be revealed in the next episode.



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