Beware The Batman: Darkness Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Batman makes an unlikely alliance with Silver Monkey to escape from the League of Assassins. Meanwhile, Katana, Alfred, Lieutenant Gordon, and Barbara take action as Ra’s al Ghul’s attempts to cleanse the city during the blackout has left it terrorized by “the Ghosts” and other criminals.

After the mid-season cliffhanger, we return to Gotham in a state of panic. With Ra’s al Ghul’s forces having used the Iron Cortex to shut down Gotham and Batman in no position to help Gotham, all looks doomed. This episode gives us a brief recap of what has happened before going straight into the action. Opening with Ra’s confronting Batman and suggesting he joins The League of Assassins sets the tone for this episode. The scene shows the great difference between Batman and The Demons Head which is that Batman is not morally corrupt unlike Ra’s. Ra’s will do anything for power as is demonstrated at the end of the episode.

The plot continues the arc set up in the previous episode and manages to keep the tension going throughout the story. Even though this episode does not feature the final confrontation between The League of Assassins and Batman we still feel excited and connected with the story and the quick action and strong writing of the episode makes the audience want to continue watching.

Ending with the cliff-hanger that Ra’s Al Ghul is bringing all of Batman’s previous enemies to his cause, ups the stakes in the battle for Gotham’s soul. Building up the drama makes the audience stay on the edge of their seats and wait desperately for the next episode. When this is done well it can make a fantastic series but hopefully Beware The Batman won’t overplay this strategy. Less is often more and I hope this is remembered by the creators of the show



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