Fleming: Episode Three Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Dark. Deadly. Brutal. Charming. Sadistic. These are all adjectives that perfectly sum up not only James Bond but his creator Ian Fleming. Sky’s new TV series, Fleming follows the adventures of Fleming from roguish playboy to naval intelligence officer. Starring Dominic Cooper as the titular Fleming with the ever wonderful Lara Puller as Fleming’s future wife, Ann Charteris; the series takes us back to the Second World War via Fleming reminiscing on the origins of Bond.

In Episode Three, Fleming is sent to Canada to make himself fit for leading his new crack squadron. Meeting members of the American Intelligence agency, who are planning on starting a “Central Intelligence Agency,” Fleming feels more ready than ever to lead his men into battle. Returning to England, Fleming once again is involved with Charteris. Forcing himself back to work, Fleming with the aid of  Monday Anna Chancellor must convince Admiral Godfrey (Samuel West) that his 30 Squadron will not be an embarrassment to Naval Intelligence.

Once again, Fleming continues its fast paced drama. Flowing like a Bond novel, this episode takes us from Canada to England and back again as Fleming sets about creating his task force. We feel connected to Fleming and share his determination in getting his unit into action on the front line.  We see now that Fleming simply needs motivating to make him focus on what needs to be done.

As always Cooper is on top form as Fleming. He sparkles and shines like elegant champagne and charms the other characters as much as he seduces the audience. The rest of the cast are also on truthful to the parts they are depicting.

Episode Three continues the great pace and action that we have felt in the past two episodes and sets us up for the fantastic climax of the series that is episode four.

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