Stella Series Three: Episode Two Review



By Will Barber – Taylor

A couple of Pontyberry residents are looking to start afresh and while Aunty Brenda means business when she organises a meeting with Dai, Big Alan follows doctor’s orders and tries to lose weight. Plus, Bobby and Daddy find themselves burdened with too many bodies, and trouble looms for Zoe and Luke after Lenny gets back in contact.

Neighbour Michael, on the other hand, is finding it hard to settle in, and a squabble with Stella over bin etiquette, not to mention the arrival of a donkey on the street, doesn’t help.

Once again, Stella manages to delight its audience with a mixture of drama and comedy. While we see the growing tension with Zoe and Luke, we also have the comedic bickering between Stella and Michael. Michael is finding it hard to adjust to his much downgraded accommodation which of course provides lots of humorous jokes about him trying fit in with his new Welsh neighbours. The fact that he is the only one who finds a donkey now inhabiting the street a bit  odd adds to his feelings of being an outsider and enhances the comic potential which stems from that.

The actors are all on top form managing to juggle the varying emotions portrayed in the episode excellently. They manage to make Jones’s script come alive and give it a sense of realism and depth that with less capable actors would not be possible.

The episode is a great continuation of the series arcs that were set up in the first episode. The audience feels captivated and wants to find out what happens with Luke and Zoe, Big Alan and Little Alan and all the other characters involved. If you were not able to catch the episode then I suggest you watch it on Sky Go as it is unmissable television.



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