Red Dwarf X: Lemons Review


Rimmer: You’re right that’s absolutely insane. Make it ten.

After finding a youth restoring shower, Rimmer, Lister, Kryten and The Cat are sent back in time to 23 AD.  Realising they can’t get back until they make a primitive battery, Rimmer suggests they get some lemons which they will then be able to make the battery with. However, when they do things don’t go as they plan and they end up meeting someone unexpected…

Lemons is the best episode of this series of Red Dwarf yet. Not only is the episode fast paced but it is also intelligent and very funny.  From the scene where Rimmer and Lister debate Shakespeare’s worth as an author of famous sayings to the final scene the episode is very funny.

Chris Barrie is excellent in this episode when he explains the reason that his middle name is Judas.  Later, he hilariously attempts to explain why they have travelled 40,000 miles from Britain to India.  The jokes come quick and fast with Barrie particularly when he tries to get eight lemons and explains how they have travelled for six months to get them. The woman’s reaction is classic “You travelled forty thousand for eight lemons?! That’s insane.”  Barrie brilliantly replies: “You’re right that’s absolutely insane. Make it ten.” Hopefully the same amount of good jokes will continue in the next few episodes.

All in all, Lemons is the best episode of this series of Red Dwarf. And I’m tempted, just tempted to say it’s my favourite episode ever.



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