Merlin: Arthur’s Bane Part One Review

By Will Barber – Taylor

When two Knights of the Round Table disappear, it’s up to Merlin and Arthur to rescue them. However, they do not realise that they have been kidnapped by Morgana.

Set three years after the end of the last series, Merlin gets off to a great start. We are shown a new and prosperous era of Camelot; The Knights of the Round Table are in full fling and peace has reigned for three years.  However, a dark force is beginning to grown in strength and power. Someone has infiltrated Camelot and is sending messages to Morgana but she is not the only old enemy of Arthur and Merlin’s to return. The atmosphere that builds up throughout the episode is thrilling and sets a fast pace towards the final scene in the episode where “Arthur’s Bane” is revealed.   It is a stunning climax to the episode and sets up what will happen in the next episode beautifully.

Colin Morgan’s portrayal of Merlin is truthful in this episode.  His acting particularly in the scenes with Arthur (Bradley James) is a pleasure to watch. The relationship between Merlin and Arthur is central to the series but is particularly so in this episode. The humour is also on top par, with Morgan and James both being very funny.  The humour is particularly enjoyable in the scene in which Merlin and Arthur are trapped in the man trap and try to escape.   However, viewers should not think that Morgan can only do comedy; far from it. The majority of Morgan’s acting is put into Merlin’s sense of foreboding from almost the start of the episode.  We do believe in Merlin’s fear for Arthur’s life, which just demonstrates how talented Morgan is.

All in all, Arthur’s Bane Part One is a wonderful series opener, setting the show up for what seems like a dramatic and funny series.

2 responses to “Merlin: Arthur’s Bane Part One Review

  1. Good, informative review, well done. I think you mean “in full swing” not in full fling, unless there was some bromance I missed. Just one small point: there are actually 30 knights that have gone missing, it’s just that Gwaine and Percival are two close friends of Arthur and Merlin, so they lead the expedition and feature as leads in this multi-stranded story. If you’re aiming to catch the Merlin Family of readers with this, it pays to be accurate and to either avoid spoilers for those who have not yet seen the show or to put a Spoiler Alert at the start of your review.

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