Saving Dirk Gently


Recently, the actor Stephen Mangan star of the mad cap detective series, Dirk Gently announced via Twitter the series had been axed by the BBC. I couldn’t really believe this so I have set up a petition to save the program from the axe. Please support it and other original British drama. You can find a link to the petition below.

Bring back Dirk Gently!

By Will Barber

2 responses to “Saving Dirk Gently

  1. Hi Will,

    I only read about the decision to cancel the Dirk Gently show this morning and like you thought that it would be appropriate to start a petition to reverse the decision.
    I started a small campaign on this morning and have picked up 23 signatures so far, not huge numbers, but I think that it’s worth adding to the overall total to present to the BBC
    I’ve signed the petition on Avaaz for you, so hope that the totals increase soon. I’m badgering others on twitter and facebook! So fingers crossed!

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