Doctor Who Genesis of The Daleks “Vintage Beeb” Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry are plucked out of time by the Timelords. The Doctor has been sent on a mission to destroy the Daleks forever…

This is a very nostalgic piece. It is narrated by The Fourth Doctor himself, Tom Baker. He describes part of the story that the audience can not see, the majority of the story being told through the soundtrack of the original story. The main problem with the story is this: It does not make any flipping sense. I don’t make it’s a silly story, I mean it does not makes sense. Exhibit A) The over hanging narration say “I stepped out of the TARDIS onto a wasteland.” The Doctor in the soundtrack say “Do you know who dangerous it is to intercept a transmat beam?” He contradicts himself within seconds! Also, several scenes have been cut from the story which makes the story a bit disjointed. The problem is that it make the story feel pretty confused. I have to say though, if you are a New Series fan and you are just dipping into the Classic Series than I would recommend this story because the running time (an hour) is quite similar to the running time of the New Series. Unlike with¬† the Genesis of The Daleks TV story, this story is much faster and gets to the point. This however ruins the true heart of the story. Genesis is really a slow political burner of a story (Not unlike Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) so this fast pace setting directly contrives the whole reason Genesis is a classic story.

This CD is a lovely little nostalgic thing, the cover and the style of the CD itself is very evocative of the 70’s and it is a nice curiosity but in truth it is not one for hardcore fans.

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