Rare Chills – The Fear Makers: Shadow Of Death & Supernatural: Mrs Amworth Review

By Will Barber Taylor

Do you wake at night, hearing sounds under the floorboards? Are ghosts real or figments of your imagination? Are you brave enough to walk through a graveyard at night? If any of the list applies to you then below are two chilling tales of terror to keep you awake at night.

The Fearmakers : The Shadow of Death

Shot on location at Warwick Castle, this spooky tale stars Jack Woolgar (Swallows and Amazons) as Booth and Barry Stokes (Z-Cars) as Weaver.

Supernatural: Mrs. Amworth

A mysterious epidemic is attacking an English village and the inhabitants are gradually being drained of their blood. Francis Urcombe becomes convinced that the disease is the work of a vampire. Starring Oscar-nominee Glynis Johns (Mary Poppins), John Phillips (Bleak House), Rex Holdsworth (Softly, Softly) and Derek Francis (Scrooge). Directed by BAFTA-nominee Alvin Rakoff.

Horror is a difficult genre to pull off. It is a genre that can be overdone, easily parodied and fail to frighten the most easily scared person. If it is done badly then horror can only cause chills to its creators as they scream at the lack of sales for their product. In an era of shaky cams and jump scares, it is difficult to remember a time when horror was more imaginative and can sometimes cause viewers from not attempting to try different types of horror. However, you would be remiss in not watching the new Rare Chills DVD release from Simply Media, filled with truly frightening and engaging horror to keep you on your toes.

The first film to be featured on the DVD is from the pilot for a TV series. The Fear Makers, starring Jack Woolgar (who also introduces the story) is a truly curious and creepy tale. Filmed on location at Warwick, it sees an elderly gentleman returning to his family country home only to discover that there is something more waiting for him there than he might expect. Woolgar gives a strikingly good performance in the drama and his introduction is suitably filled with horror and foreboding; Woolgar is excellent at ensuring that suspense is properly held through the tale.

The second of the tales is a more substantial production but has the same haunting claustrophobia as The Shadow of Death. Adapted from the E F Benson short story, Mrs. Amworth is a creeping descendant of the Stoker tradition of horror. Captivating as it is mysterious, it is somewhat more action packed than The Shadow of Death but both are equally enjoyable.

A fun and unique DVD release perfect for both casual horror watchers as well as connoisseurs of the genre, Rare Chills is the perfect type of horror that is not seen as much today as it should – unexpected and engaging.

You can purchase Rare Chills – The Fear Makers: Shadow Of Death & Supernatural: Mrs Amworth from Amazon here

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