The Bridge Series Four DVD Review

By Will Barber Taylor

Saga (Sofia Helin) and Henrik (Thure Lindhardt) are brought together once again to solve a series of macabre and gruesome murders that start when a high-ranking government officer, the director general of the Immigration Service, is stoned to death. Increasingly, it appears that the murders have a personal connection with the Danish police team that Henrik is at the very centre of.

In the midst of this fraught and complex case, Saga tries to make sense of her deepening relationship with Henrik and becomes determined to demonstrate how much he means to her by solving, once and for all, the deep mystery from his past that has been haunting him.

With the hot weather encroaching on us all the time, it is perhaps understandable that we all might seek to be reminded of something cool, calm and chilling to get us through this current heat wave. In regard to climate, the fourth season of The Bridge fits this description precisely. However, if you are expecting a series that is cold then you’d be wrong in assuming it was this show. Whilst set in the colder climate of Sweden, this series couldn’t be hotter if you tried.

Rippling with energy and tension, the latest instalment of The Bridge saga is a tinder box of emotion and action. Following the intensity of the previous series, you’d think this would be an impossible job – however, writer Hans Rosenfeldt expertly develops the relationship between Saga and Henrik and uses this as a central narrative crux to give the investigation more emotional resonance – the connection between Henrik and the series of murders ensures that rather than simply being intrigued by the mystery that is unfolding, we have a desire to see a proper resolution for our main characters that feels satisfying and complete.

The acting throughout the series, from all the cast, is phenomenal, and reflects a clear dedication to ensuring that the vision for the series is properly delivered. Particular praise must be given to Sofia Helin’s stunning performance as Saga. We’ve watched and grown with Saga over four series and to see the emotional turmoil that she puts herself through is genuinely heart wrenching and it allows us to understand why she makes the decision she does in the climatic moments of the series. Hellin’s presence is strongly felt throughout every scene she is in and she brings a sheer power to the series which would make it feel less impactful without her.

The final series of The Bridge is a stunning and exhilarating masterclass in how to do dramatic thrillers. It combines exquisite scenery with energetic direction and excellent writing and acting. If you haven’t already seen it, then I’d highly recommend it.

You can purchase The Bridge Series 4 from Amazon here.

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