Haven Film Review

By Will Barber Taylor

When a little girl finds solace in between her mother’s legs, biggest fears become reality.

Reality is the key to Haven’s terrible and yet all too real message. This is a film that has a great deal to say in a short time and it is often through silence and stillness that Haven gets its message across. Rather than bombarding us, Haven allows the audience to endure the dark horror that lies at its heart. It is a film that has soul and depth and uses this to give the message behind it weight and power. Haven is a shocking film, but it shouldn’t shock us – it has at its core an issue which effects millions of people, particularly young women. Haven deals with this in a sensitive and realistic way and for that the production team should be proud.

I would highly recommend you go and see Haven – it is a short but important film that highlights an issue we are all concerned with and one that should be tackled at every opportunity. Haven does not try and protect its audience from the reality it presents its characters with and thus demonstrates the hardship of it in a realistic and profound way.


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