Rise of a Star Review

By Will Barber Taylor

Rise of a Star follows Dorothée Gilbert as Emma, who is about to be the new ballerina, but something upsets her. A secret. A secret liable to undermine what she has spent her whole life working for.

Rise of a Star is a prosaic and fascinating film about what it means to be a ballerina; it also has a strong message about the sacrifices and challenges women make to ensure that they end up at the top of their chosen profession. At its heart lies a timeless and soulful message about never giving up, whatever obstacles may be placed in your way. The use of the theatre to reflect how we can sometimes perceive our own failures or difficulties through dramatic metaphors gives a strong and resilient message about determination.

Dorothée Gilbert’s, Emma is strong and determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a professional ballerina. Her determination to reach the height of her career and her confusion and inability to make a decision once she is faced with unexpected news is done with real courage and conviction. Gilbert gives Emma a strong inner self which is expertly portrayed throughout the film.

Rise of a Star is a fascinating and complex film which deals with issues that are ever-present in the lives of women and are often not fully understand or explained well. Rise of a Star does both with panache and grace, scintillating in its final moments like the firecracker that it is.

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