Betjeman: The Collection DVD

By Will Barber Taylor

Sir John Betjeman was one of British television’s most loved personalities.

He was a prolific writer, poet, broadcaster, and active architectural campaigner and conservationist. Britain’s former Poet Laureate was also celebrated for his unwavering devotion and lifelong passion for traditional architecture. A champion of British heritage, Betjeman worked closely with the BBC to produce many critically acclaimed documentaries. Known for his wry and honest opinions, he travelled to places of great architectural and historical importance and eloquently explained their significance. He helped to open our eyes to the true value of the buildings and places around us.

To celebrate his legacy this collection brings together three of Betjeman’s celebrated BBC documentaries; A Passion For Churches, A Bird’s Eye View and Four with Betjeman: Victorian Architects and Architecture.

Each programme displays Betjeman’s infectious enthusiasm for architecture and showcases his enduring appeal.

Sir John Betjeman was one of Britain’s foremost intellectuals. His combination of the arts and classical studies ensured a reputation as one of Britain’s foremost thinkers. In this excellent new set of documentaries, made for the BBC during the 1960s and brought together for the first time on DVD by Simply Media, we see the full depth of Sir John’s innumerable talents. Betjeman spares no time in engaging his audience in each subject. Betjeman’s love of architecture is clear throughout and his passion and knowledge for the subject ensures that the audience is never felt that they are not in the hands of a master of his craft.

The cinematography of the films is stunning; for the period they are refined, elegant and capture the beauty of the buildings that Betjeman visits in crystal clear quality. One could argue that the fact they are in black and white makes them more atmospheric and further enhances the beauty of the buildings.

In conclusion, Betjeman: The Collection is a fascinating, invigorating and without doubt one of the great examples of classic documentary making; clear, effective and genuinely entertaining.

With thanks to Simply Media. You can purchase Betjeman: The Collection on DVD here from Simply Media. Readers of the site can use the special Consulting Detective discount code CONDEC10 or follow this link to apply your 10% discount automatically. 

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