Hostages Series 2 DVD Review

By Will Barber Taylor

With his wife seriously ill and in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant, respected police officer Adam Rubin (Jonah Lotan) abducts the Prime Minister (Schmil Ben Ari) in the hope of using him as a donor.

While the entire country is mourning the apparent death of Prime Minster Shmuel Nester, Adam Rubin holds the very much alive Prime Minister captive. Adam plans to smuggle Nester out of the country for a bone marrow transplant to save his wife’s life. Looking to leave the country in order to conduct the procedure, Adam’s plan backfires when he becomes stranded in an abandoned Yeshiva building near Jerusalem. As security forces close in all around them, Adam faces a race against time to try and retrieve the situation and save his wife.

 Having been hired to assassinate the Prime Minister, Adam’s plans spiral out of control when his employers find out that Nester is still alive. Soon, Adam realises that a much bigger conspiracy is underway.

The second series of Hostages ramps up the tension ever higher than it was in the first series with Adam Rubin (Jonah Lotan) even more desperate than before to save his wife from dying whilst also ensuring that he can survive the ensuing political and psychological battles that result from his desperate actions. The second series utilises this tension through dramatic cinematography and an excellent, throbbing musical score to build the pressure on Rubin as high as it could be.

Rubin’s decisions and how they play into the greater plot to remove the Prime Minister ensure that the series never loses a beat. Its relentless pace is the key to the series success; whilst some series would attempt to lighten the tension during its second series, Hostages not only sustains the integral threat to the lives of our main characters but ramps up the tension to ensure that we continue to care about them.

The performances by all of the cast are excellent but in particular lead actor Jonah Lotan is excellent as Rubin. His devotion to his wife is wonderfully portrayed in their scenes together and his determination to ensure the survival of his wife and the survival of himself are at the core of why we sympathise with Rubin as a character; he has those integral human emotions of love and a desire to survive at his heart.

In conclusion, Hostages is a fantastic series that explores the depths of human emotion whilst also exploring the intense political conflicts at the heart of Israel. It is a worthwhile series to buy for any fan of political drama as well as any admirer of quality television.

Hostages Series 2 is now available to buy from all good retailers. 

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