Maigret’s Dead Man Promotional Pictures


ITV have today released promotional pictures for their latest instalment of their new Maigret series. Starring Rowan Atkinson as the titular French detective, Maigret is based on the novels by George Simeon and had previously been adapted by the BBC in the late 1980s, starring Michael Gambon. Maigret’s Dead Man airs on Christmas Day on ITV 1 from 9:00pm to 11:00pm. You can read Maigret’s Dead Man’s synopsis and see more promotional pictures below:

Maigret’s Dead Man is a stand-alone dramatic film featuring the legendary French fictional detective Jules Maigret, played by the globally-renowned actor Rowan Atkinson. 
In Maigret’s Dead Man, a series of vicious, murderous attacks on three wealthy farms in Picardy hit the national headlines and the elite Brigade Criminelle at the Quay Des Orfevres is called upon to lend its expertise in tracking down the brutal gang responsible for the slaughter.  However, Maigret is resolute in investigating the murder of an obscure anonymous Parisian. An investigation that ultimately solves both crimes.
Further cast include Ian Puleston-Davies (Marcella, Coronation Street), Aiden McCardle (Mr Selfridge, The Mill), Shaun Dingwall (Silent Witness, Death In Paradise), Lucy Cohu (Broadchurch), Leo Starr (Call The Midwife, Lewis) and Hugh Simon (The Mill, MI-5).
With thanks to ITV Media. 

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