Hooten and the Lady Episodes One and Two Preview


By Will Barber Taylor

Sky 1’s new and exclusive action drama follows the nail-biting escapades of maverick adventurer Hooten (Michael Landes), who teams up with fearless historical expert Lady Alex Lindo Parker (Ophelia Lovibond) to travel the globe in search of hidden treasures, from Buddha’s missing scroll to the tomb of Alexander the Great. The series co-stars Jessica Hynes, Shaun Parkes, Jane Seymour and Jonathan Bailey, and also features the BAFTA nominated Joanna Scanlan.

Hooten and the Lady, created by Tony Jordan and James Payne is a great new action adventure set around two adventurers. Swashbuckler Hooten and archaeologist Lady Alex are two opposites, whose wonderfully contradictory personalities help make for great comedy.

In the first episode, Hooten and Lady Alex get acquainted whilst Alex is attempting to find the campsite of a lost Victorian explorer. Episode One sets up the trend for the series; it is one of action adventure comedy that draws on the likes of Indiana Jones but never copies it. The first episode features great cinematography and some excellent script work from Jordan who provides some brilliantly funny lines.

The second episode sees the action move to Rome, where Alex and Hooten are sent on a quest to find the Cyberline, the ancient book of the last King of Rome once used to tell the future. Keeping with the trend of the series, the second episode is an action packed romp taking in some of the glories of Italian life as well as showing off its dark side. The episode also delves more into the backstory of both Hooten and Alex with a guest appearance of Jane Seymour as Alex’s mother.

Hooten and the Lady is an exciting action adventure for all the family. Filled with well-timed comedy, impressive visual effects and excellent acting (particularly from the two main leads) Hooten and the Lady is a sure hit.

Brand new action adventure series, Hooten & The Lady, is available from Friday 16 September at 9pm on Sky 1. An in-depth review of the first episode will be available shortly after.

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