One of Us Episode Two Promotional Pictures


The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the second episode of a new four part drama, One Of Us. The second episode will air on Tuesday the 30th of August on BBC One from 9:00pm to 10:00pm.

When the police come knocking, the Elliots and Douglases have to act fast. Meanwhile Juliet’s actions have tragic and unexpected consequences.

After all coming to a decision to hide their terrible secret from the police, suspicion and guilt takes its toll on both the Elliot and Douglas families.

Bill and Moira turn on each other after lying to protect their son Jamie, and it’s clear Bill is keeping things from his wife. The Elliots struggle to hold it together as the police, on the trail of Lee, interview them, with Louise making a big slip-up. Later, when Louise makes a shocking discovery, it is left to Claire to take action.

After confessing all to his partner, Peter decides to make an important journey.

Meanwhile, Juliet now has the finances to organise her daughter’s operation, but tragedy soon strikes.













Louise Elliot … Juliet Stevenson
Claire Elliot … Joanna Vanderham
Juliet … Laura Fraser
Rob Elliot … Joe Dempsie
Bill Ddouglas … John Lynch
Anna … Georgina Campbell
Moira Douglas … Julie Graham
Jamie Douglas … Cristian Ortega
Andrew … Steve Evets
Alistair … Gary Lewis
Peter … Adrian Edmondson
Sal … Kate Dickie

With thanks to BBC Media. 

2 responses to “One of Us Episode Two Promotional Pictures

  1. I’m really enjoying this show, very well written. There’s more to it than I first suspected. Thanks for the images.

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