iClassics Kickstarter Launch

iClassics Productions, S.L Releases the Long Awaited Volume 3 of iPoe Collection Exclusively on the AppStore

By Will Barber Taylor

Classic literature is something that we have always appreciated and yearned for. From the works of Shakespeare to Moby Dick, classic literature has influenced our world and changed it from a dull, meaningless place to a world of pure imagination. Yet, if you venture to bookstores in certain places, classic literature is only used to teach. Around the world, works of literature that have helped to define our world are being forgotten by future generations of writers.

However, this is all about to change with the launch of iClassics’ latest campaign #SaveTheClassics. Aimed to bring classic literature to the forefront of the popular consciousness, iClassics is determined to go where no other company has gone before. Combining magical illustrations, fantastical sound effects and an interactive sound track specially created for each piece, iClassic is bringing classic literature to a new generation in the most immersive way possible.

iClassics innovative use of technology and classic stories needs help however. To achieve their aim of bringing high quality, extraordinarily motivated, deeply intelligent content they need your help. Yes, your help dear reader. iClassics have just launched their Kickstarter campaign to help in raising funds to achieve their aim of bringing some of the greatest works of literature to the eyes of the latest generation of readers. You can find out more about iClassics mission to aide in the development of classic literature at the Kickstarter page which you can view here. 

With thanks to the iClassic team. 


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