Happy Valley Starring Sarah Lancashire Series Two Episode Two Promotional Pictures

Happy Valley series 2

The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the first episode of the second series of smash hit drama Happy Valley, starring Sarah Lancashire and James Norton. Picking up from the end of the previous series, Sally Wainwright once again weaves a thrilling narrative set against the backdrop of Yorkshire’s wild and windy scenery. The second episode of Series Two is set to air on Tuesday the 16th of February on BBC One from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. Below, you can find the episode synopsis and more promotional pictures:

While she remains a suspect in the Lynn Dewhurst investigation, Catherine focuses on a human trafficking case.

Following a successful police raid, Catherine ensures all the women are taken to safe houses. Ilinka, who has vital information on those behind the trafficking, is given refuge with Catherine’s neighbour Winnie and reluctantly agrees to speak to the police. But has Catherine inadvertently put her in danger?

As Vicky’s threats continue, John struggles to get a handle on the murder case. Feeling under pressure at work and at home he takes drastic measures to save both his marriage and reputation.

When Tommy is granted special leave to attend his mother’s funeral, Catherine has an inexplicable compulsion to attend – bringing him face to face with him once more. Meanwhile Clare, feeling vulnerable at Helen’s funeral, turns to an old friend for comfort.









With thanks to BBC Media. 

One response to “Happy Valley Starring Sarah Lancashire Series Two Episode Two Promotional Pictures

  1. Hi. Series two episode 3
    Please please please. Can anyone tell me what parkways used to film where they found the guy hanging from the tree.


    Greg Ginn

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