Empire Of The Tsars: Romanov Russia With Lucy Worsley Episode One Promotional Pictures


The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the first episode of Lucy Woresly’s new documentary series on the infamous former Tsars of Russia, the Romanovs that ruled Russia for 300 years before their eventual deposition by the Bolsheviks. The first episode of the series is set to air on BBC Four on Wednesday the 6th of January 2016 from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. Synopsis and more promotional pictures below:

Lucy Worsley travels to Russia to tell the extraordinary story of the dynasty who ruled the country for more than three centuries. It’s an epic tale that includes giant figures such as Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the devastating struggle against Napoleon in 1812 and the political murders of Nicholas II and his family in 1918, which brought the dynasty to a brutal end.

In this first episode, Lucy will investigate the beginning of the Romanovs’ 300-year reign in Russia. In 1613, when Russia was leaderless, 16 year-old Mikhail Romanov was plucked from obscurity and offered the crown of Russia. Mikhail was granted absolute power and began the reign of the Romanovs as the most influential dynasty in modern European history.

Lucy will also chart the story of Peter the Great, the ruthless and ambitious Tsar who was determined to modernise Russia at the end of the 17th century. Lucy will trace Peter’s accession to the throne as a nine year-old, when he witnessed a revolt led by royal guards and the slaughter of his uncles and close advisors. Sixteen years later, Peter would vengefully execute a thousand rebellious guards. Throughout his reign, Peter would demonstrate an unwavering commitment to establishing Russia as a naval power – Lucy will explore the lengths Peter would go to ensure this became a reality, including the creation of a new maritime capital, St Petersburg.

Throughout this episode, Lucy will show how the Romanovs embraced and sponsored the arts on an astonishing scale: from building spectacular palaces to commissioning grand artworks that all still dazzle today.

As well as studying this unique royal family, Lucy will also consider the impact the Romanovs had on the lives of ordinary Russians, who were often little better than slaves to the elite.



With thanks to the BBC

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