The Syndicate Series Three Episode Six Promotional Pictures



The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the third episode of series three of Kay Mellor’s The Syndicate. Each series is based around a different syndicate who win the lottery and the events that spiral out of their winning it. The series stars Lenny Henry, Elizabeth Berrington, Melanie Hill and Kieran O’Brien and the current series has run for six electric episodes. The final episode will be broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday, 7th of May from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. The synopsis for the episode and more promotional pictures are available below:

It’s the day of Hazelwood Manor’s grand opening. Godfrey has a meticulous tick-list of the day’s timings – but has time run out for Amy?

With Nick’s revelation that Spencer Cavendish was seen dragging Amy away from his caravan ringing in Dawn’s ears, she asks Sean to take her to Spencer’s yacht to get some answers. When the crafty cad surfaces with scratches on his face, suspicions rise – does he have more than just Dom Perignon on board?

Lord Hazelwood has to convince Julie to confess all to Sarah, or they risk losing everything. Has winning 14 and a half million enriched our Syndicate’s life? Have they bought into a world of worry, or will they live happily ever after as lords and ladies of their manor?















With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media. 



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