Sheridan Smith In The C Word Promotional Pictures



You’re 28 years old and the last thing you’re expecting is to be diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. When you’re 18 months married to a man you’re crazy about. When you’re right in the middle of things. When all you want is for your life to continue just the way it was going, in the order you had planned it. Then there it is.

That out of the blue, life-altering event that drives home a message that runs counter to everything you’ve been led to believe. You are not, it turns out, in control of everything. One minute your life is normal, the next, in an instant, that normality is gone.

In the first confusing, terrifying hours after her diagnosis, while her family are overwhelmed with grief, Lisa finds refuge in her laptop. Partly as an antidote to all the crap she finds on the internet about cancer being ‘a gift’, and partly as a way to tell friends and family what’s happening, Lisa starts a blog about what she’s going through. As it turns out, there’s a hell of a lot to talk about…

The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch’s inspiring and candid book about her experience of cancer, based on her popular blog which was launched shortly after her diagnosis in 2008. Adapted by Nicole Taylor and starring Sheridan Smith, this film is a defiant, ballsy and surprisingly funny story of life, love and cancer.


Susan Hogg, Executive Producer, BBC Drama Production, says: “One in three of us will receive a cancer diagnosis in our life time – everyone will be touched by it. Sometimes a voice makes itself heard which manages to encapsulate our universal experience. Lisa Lynch is one of those accessible, irreverent, hilarious voices which can help us to find the energy to cope when it seems impossible. The C Word is a magical love story of a young couple, their families, and life itself.”

Nicole Taylor and the BBC worked closely with Lisa on the script and had her full support. She died in 2013, aged 33.

Jane McFarlane, Lisa’s Mother, says: “We are so grateful that Lisa’s book The C Word and her blog have been so beautifully adapted by Nicole Taylor and the BBC. Lisa was heavily involved with all aspects of the adaptation until her very sad death in March 2013. Lisa would be so thrilled that awareness of breast cancer in young women will be further raised by this production. We all remain incredibly proud of Lisa; her writing inspired so many people and she has left a truly amazing legacy through her book The C Word and this BBC production.


“We would all like to thank Nicole Taylor, Simon Lewis, Tim Kirkby, Susan Hogg, the BBC and all of the cast and crew for the sensitive way that they have conveyed Lisa’s story. We are particularly delighted that Sheridan Smith accepted Lisa’s request to play her. Sheridan’s portrayal of Lisa was extraordinarily accurate and we will be eternally grateful to her.”

More promotional pictures below. The C Word airs on Sunday, the 3rd of May on BBC 1 from 8:30pm. Highly recommended with Sheridan Smith giving a beautiful performance as Lisa Lynch.





With thanks to BBC Media and BBC Pictures. 

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