Last Tango In Halifax Series Three Episode Three Promotional Pictures (Contains Spoilers)


The BBC have today released promotional pictures for the third episode of the third series of Last Tango in Halifax. Written by Sally Wainright the series stars Sir Derek Jacobi, Ann Reid, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, Nina Sosanya, Rupert Graves, Dean Andrews and many more. The following episode will be broadcast on the 11th of January 2015 on BBC One from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. Below is the synopsis for episode three which contains big spoilers for the end of the episode, so don’t read it if you want to see any spoilers.








Below the next picture is the synopsis for this episode.



Following last week’s surprising revelation, an emotional Alan tells Celia they need some distance.

Alan knows her well enough to understand that she’s finding it hard to adjust, and she needs to meet Gary before making a judgement. The next day, feeling isolated in her misery, Celia drives to the farm to see Alan, and after a heart-to-heart agrees to join everyone for a Sunday lunch. Despite her initial reservations she can’t help but warm to the charming Gary.

Later John and Gillian fall into the familiar trap of midday drinking and sleeping together. In the morning, under a cloud of regret, Gillian asks John to leave, telling him to forget the romantic notion he has of making things work between them, as she has every intention of making a go of things with Robbie.

On the morning of Caroline and Kate’s wedding Celia determinedly refuses to attend the ceremony. Caroline is hurt but refuses to let her mum’s selfish behaviour ruin her big day. After the wedding the guests return to the house to enjoy the reception. Later, when the last of the guests leave, Celia attempts to make peace but Caroline is still upset and walks away. The next day Caroline receives some devastating news from the police and calls Celia immediately. Kate’s been in an accident and doctors are desperately trying to save her life. Will she pull through?



With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media. 

3 responses to “Last Tango In Halifax Series Three Episode Three Promotional Pictures (Contains Spoilers)

    • My heart just fell thru the floor. Please do not kill off Kate. Why can’t they just be happy!

    • Oh, please let Kate live. This is a fantastic, wonderful, and lovely couple. Let their story unfold.

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