Doctor Who: Deimos Review




By Will Barber – Taylor

On the Martian moon Deimos, the Ice Warriors sealed themselves away while their planet was rendered inhospitable. By the 23rd Century, they were believed to be extinct and Mars and its moons became popular tourist destinations for humans. But now the Ice Warriors are awake. And they want Mars back.

Deimos is an example of what can be turned as a proper, thumbing, throbbing Doctor Who story. It is an action packed romp which also has a surprisingly good sense of humour to boot. Deimos starts off running and forces you to run along with it.

Jonathan Morris manages to create a chilly, claustrophobic atmosphere in his thrilling two part story.  Morris starts off by showing us a world in which the main enemy of the story is long extinct. He plays with the audiences’ and the character’s perception of what is going on. By having the Ice Warriors seem almost mythical to the people who feature in the story the shock that they then feel over their return seems more realistic and palpable. Without this added in history the story would feel less grounded. Morris manages to fill in the background to the story skilfully and shows us how the once great Martian race is now nothing more than a legend.

Paul McGann gives off a stellar performance as the Eighth incarnation of The Doctor. While McGann has only played the Time Lord on screen now twice, he fits so well into the role and brings his version of The Doctor alive so well. He manages to go from serious to gleefully childish within seconds and back again to serious. He manages to play every single level of the character to a wonderful degree and is truly enchanting as the Gallifreyan wanderer.

Niky Wardley manages to create a great impression as Tamsin. She bounces off McGann enthusiastically and the two make a great duo. They contrast each other quite nicely as well, Tamsin preferring to take the route of “we must do this for the greater good” while The Doctor believes in thinking about everyone as an individual. Wardley also has some wonderful funny moments with McGann’s Doctor particularly in the opening when she pulls The Doctor’s leg about having travelled in time before.

All in all, Deimos is a fantastic audio drama that manages to reinvent the classic Doctor Who monsters, The Ice Warriors, while presenting a great adventure for the Eighth incarnation of The Doctor.






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