BBC Register Doctor Who Movie Domain



Now if you are a fan of this blog (and let’s be honest, that’s just me and my cat) then you will know that I have been doing, in my spare time bits of research about various companies and their movie domains. Now movie domains are important because when a company registers a domain it shows they are seriously considering going ahead with the project or at least have it on the cards. Now some companies eventually give up with the idea, like DC who abandoned the domain (something you can read here) . Others tend to hold onto them in the hope that one day the film will get made. Now I did a little bit of digging earlier today and I found out something pretty interesting.

Back in 2006, when David Tennant had just started as The Doctor, the BBC registered a domain. That domain was . The address doesn’t actually take you anywhere, unlike DC and Marvel links which redirect you back to their main server site. The BBC link takes you nowhere. The domain was last updated on 22nd of the 7th this year and the domain doesn’t run out until 2015. What could this mean? Probably nothing, that the BBC thought about doing a movie with Tennant but it didn’t come to anything. The domain is still being updated because one, day yes one day The Doctor might get his own feature film.

Doctor Whoooaaa

Doctor Who at the movies…



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