Lionsgate still owns Black Widow Movie Domain Rights


It has recently come to light that Marvel may be working on a Black Widow solo movie at some point. While nothing is set in stone this would seem that Marvel are at least interested in doing a Black Widow movie, something another company, Lionsgate abandoned in 2006. Now while the character of Black Widow is of course owned by Marvel, the movie domain is in fact owned by Lionsgate. Well, you would think that is just some kind of mistake and the domain will probably expire soon. Nope. Lionsgate not only still own the movie domain, which they originally registered back in 2004 but they also updated it. Not in 2006, as you might expect  but last month. The domain now doesn’t run out until 2016 after Avengers and the third Captain America film. The most puzzling thing is why do Lionsgate still own a domain for a film they abandoned in 2006? Why update it last month as well, seeing as they can’t even use the character anymore?


The expiry info for lionsgate’s Black Widow movie domain

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