Doctor Who: Dark Journey Fan Audio Series Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

A recently regenerated and emotionally shattered Doctor arrives in London and becomes companion to Sherlock Holmes in AM Audio Media’s first episode of Dark Journey. The Doctor and Sherlock are initially teamed up in an effort to stop Jack the Ripper’s murderous trail of terror. But could there be an even greater evil at work in Victorian England?

While most Doctor Who fan films are uploaded to Youtube with borrowed intros and dodgy camera angles, Dark Journey is a fan audio immediately setting itself out as something a bit different. The idea of The Doctor meeting Sherlock may not be the most original idea, having been shown in fan films and audios several times before but the idea of the teaming up to defeat Jack The Ripper is a refreshing twist on the old, original idea.

The plot of the five parts series is pretty good and flows along quite quickly mainly due to the short length of the episodes. Even though each episode is about thirteen minutes or so long, you do still get some good content and each episode manages to advance the plot. The story feels contained but the small bits flashing back to The Doctor’s backstory (including a surprise cameo from a past Doctor, via a previous story) makes the whole thing seem a bit deeper and have more content which is nice.

The cast are all decent, if a tad wooden at certain points but this is to be expected from a fan audio. Andrew Chalmer’s version of The Doctor is brilliantly realised and certainly owes something to David Tennant’s interpretation of the character. He feels like a Doctor we know but also somehow other and somewhat darker which, of course, goes with the theme of darkness that runs throughout the series.

Roy Miranda’s Holmes is also pretty good when playing the great detective as a detached intellectual. However, this can sometimes come across as him not emoting properly and can seem disconnected from the drama happening around him. Aside from that, it is an interesting interpretation of Holmes.

All in all, Doctor Who Dark Journey is a fun little fan audio which I’m sure will be something to fill the Doctor Who style hole in your heart until the series returns in late August. You can listen to the audio at the link here. With thanks to AM Audio Media.

7 responses to “Doctor Who: Dark Journey Fan Audio Series Review

  1. I love this series and found it to be quirky, interesting and yes, darker than usual (with perhaps more to come I suspect?) The relationship between Holmes and The Doctor is delightful and is quite a double act.
    A great mix between old and new Who. Highly recommended!!

  2. I found the dynamic between The Doctor and Holmes to be rather good. I’ve seen the lead Roy Miranda on stage in England and he is phenomenal live and on audio!

  3. Love the theme music – cool video here -

    • Yes I forgot to mention that in the review. The theme music is pretty cracking.

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