The Actual Roger Issue 2 Review



By Will Barber – Taylor

Somewhere in suburban L.A., a freak cosmic event suddenly enables nine-year-old Lakers nut Roger Beaman with the ability to fly… but only for about a foot and a half off the ground. In the old days when those things happened the newly empowered could slink off to arctic fortresses, bat caves or newsroom closets and be “heroic” when and how they chose, or not at all – well not anymore! On his maiden flight, Roger is stopped by authorities, removed from his home and forced to play side-kick to an actual super-hero who really doesn’t seem to want him around. Can things get any worse? Oh yes. Oh yes they can.

Following on from last issue in which we saw the origin of The Actual Roger, we get to see the creature briefly glimpsed in the first issue, the wonderfully named Beshemoth. Unlike the last issue however this one parodies the big fights between superheroes and villains. Feeling eerily similar to The Death of Superman, though much more flippant, we get to see how Magnanimo deals with a threat like a giant mutated sperm whale. The mock punches and his instance that Roger notes down his witty asides for future reference are brilliant. It is also great to see the passes by reaction and how different they are to how “normal” humans are portrayed in comics. Another great moment features rival superheroes turning up only to find Magnanimo has already got the gig something that doesn’t happen in superhero comics but probably should.

The artwork for the issue is great with particular note being given to the superb drawing of Beshemoth. It really does look like a mutated sperm whale and the way it moves throughout the comics seem accurate as to how you would imagine a giant sperm whale to waddle. The scene when Roger demonstrates his new power is also excellently executed.

All in all, The Actual Roger Issue Two was a great, funny comic which manages to be entertaining and also makes you invest in the plot and want to know what happens next.

With thanks to Hank Tucker, Alterna Comics and Comixology. 




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