Happy Valley Episode Five Promotional Pictures

Happy Valley

Following Tommy’s brutal attack, Catherine is in a critical condition in hospital, with her family waiting anxiously at her bedside. Meanwhile, after a lucky escape thanks to Catherine, Ann is discharged from hospital and reunited with her emotional mother and father.

Ann reveals the details of her kidnapping to the police and Ashley is taken in for questioning. Kevin is arrested. Do their stories add up? Or will this be the end of the line for the calculating pair?

While Catherine is fighting for her life, the police search Tommy’s mother’s house looking for their prime suspect, but there’s no sign of menacing Tommy. Has he escaped?

To the relief of her family, Catherine finally comes round, but she’s devastated to find that Tommy is still on the run. Little does she know Tommy and Lewis are not far away, hiding out in a friend’s flat in the local vicinity.

It’s three weeks before Catherine is out of hospital but soon she’s on the hunt for Tommy once again. But is she prepared for what she’s about to find?…

Tommy is played by James Norton, Catherine by Sarah Lancashire, Ann by Charlie Murphy, Kevin by Steve Pemberton, Ashley by Joe Armstrong, Ryan is played by Rhys Connah.

More promotional pictures below. Due to the BBC the pictures could only be released after the episode went out. So if you haven’t seen it already go watch it on the BBC IPlayer.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley

With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media 

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