Beware The Batman: Games Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Humpty Dumpty captures Batman, Katana, Gordon, Mayor Grange and Tobias Whale and makes all of them play his Murder Mystery Game. The Dark Knight has to use all his cunning and skill to get everyone out before Dumpty enacts his villainous revenge on everyone involved.

With Batman continuing to become more and more introverted things can’t get much worse than when he and Katana are kidnapped by Humpty Dumpty. The idea of confining an already tired and battered Batman to such a situation means that the stakes seem higher than in previous adventures. Acting out like a whodunit but in the style of the 70s Batman comics the episode keeps the dramatic tension high.

The way each clue is revealed is also masterfully done. It is done in a manner neither patronising nor so ambiguous at to leave the viewer scratching their head. It also makes us in a way feel more part of the action. We feel as though we are deducing the clues along with all the other characters.

Another odd thing is that Batman continues to refer to Humphrey Dumpler as Humpty Dumpty instead of his real name. At no point does Dumpler refer to himself as such and nor does Gordon who calls himself by his real name. It makes Batman look odd though the writers are obviously billing the character as such. By not referring to himself as Dumpty or even getting the other characters to call him that it kind of makes Batman seems at odds with the rest of his universe, forcing villainous names on characters to make himself look more of a hero. It doesn’t make sense plot or character wise and just seems to have been an editing problem in regards to these episodes.

The drama is upped as after the end of the main story Batman and Katana talk about the events that have transpired. Batman is angry with her for disagreeing with him while Katana points that he was endangering lives. The scene ends with Kantana saying that Batman is losing the side of him that made Batman: Bruce Wayne. Batman quiet clearly states that “I’m not Bruce Wayne” before disappearing. That fact that Batman is referring to himself in such a light shows that without Alfred and the link to his past that The Dark Knight is losing a grip on the thing that makes him Batman – the murder of his parents. By using this device the writers manage to increase the tension and want the viewers to see more.

Games is an excellent use of Batman’s detective side and also shows The Caped Crusaders lurk towards becoming disconnected with his purpose. Will Alfred return and sort everything out? Tune in next time to find out.



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