Stella Series Three Episode Nine Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Proud parents, Luke and Zoe get the ball rolling on their wedding plans. Meanwhile Stella has organised a family outing for her, Michael, Ben and Katie. Things come to a head with Marcus and Emma relationship when Collette finds out about them.

The ninth episode of Stella builds up the drama that occurred in the previous episode and makes the audience even more hooked. The comedy is generally laid off in this episode aside from the occasional funny moment between Michael and Stella as well as the scenes with Big Alan and his brother Alan. This, however, does not matter as the drama is brilliantly done and makes you want to watch the episode until the end. The scenes featuring Michael after Katie has had her accident are particularly powerful. Patrick Baldi’s performance in the episode is wonderful and you really feel empathy for his character.

Additionally the interaction between Marcus and Emma is very well done. You can see the strain that the secrecy has had on their feelings for one another and both Catrin Stewart and James Thornton play the declining relationship fantastically and manage to convey a lot through an excellent use of body language.

With this episode leaving Stella and Michael’s relationship in tatters due to his feelings of having to support Katie, will they get together before the finale episode? All will be revealed in the next and final episode of Stella Series Three.


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