Jamaica Inn Episode 3 Promotional Pictures

Jamaica Inn

The BBC has today released promotional pictures for the third and final part of their adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic novel, Jamaica Inn. The third and final part will be broadcast today on BBC One from 9:00pm to 10:00pm.

 As the net tightens on Joss and his smuggling gang, Jem is taken into custody and Mary struggles to know who to trust.

Determined to save himself and his brother from hanging, Jem makes it his mission to find out the identity of the man who gives Joss his orders. But his pleas to Joss to give up the leader fall on deaf ears and Joss unwittingly squanders a lifeline from Jem. Meanwhile, Mary tries to persuade Patience to take the chance to escape and avoid hanging with Joss, but Patience refuses to leave her husband, forcing Mary to make a difficult choice.

Mary is unaware that her life is also in danger because the gang leader knows that she is closing in on the truth. As Mary seeks to navigate the truth and save her Aunt Patience, she must ask herself whether there is anyone she can trust.

When news breaks of a shocking discovery at the inn, Jem realises Mary is at risk, but can he rescue her before it’s too late?

Mary Yellan is played by Jessica Brown Findlay, Jem Meryln by Matthew McNulty, Joss Meryln by Sean Harris, Aunt Patience by Joanne Whalley, Francis Davey by Ben Daniels and Hannah by Shirley Henderson.

More Promotional Pictures Below

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

With thanks to BBC Pictures and BBC Media

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