Stella Series Three Episode Eight Review


By Will Barber – Taylor

Ben (Justin Davies) is suspended from school. Luke (Craig Gallivan), meanwhile, is let go by the police but can’t escape the suspicions of those around him including Dai Davies (Anthony O’Donnell) whose cars were stolen. Meanwhile Marcus (James Thornton) and Emma (Catrin Stewart)’s relationship takes twists for the worse when Stella finds out about it. Alan (Steve Speirs who also wrote this episode) and Cecilia (Emma Rydal)’s relationship blooms as he hears some unexpected news from his brother Alan.

After the end of the previous episode in which Ben and Katie robbed Dai Davies’s vending machine during a car robbery and Luke was accused of the crime, we see the repercussions. Luke is freed from police custody without further charges but Dai Davies still doesn’t completely believe him.

With its intense opening, this episode of Stella is certainly more drama led than the previous episodes. We have some great vivid scenes between Stella and her children. One of the stand out scenes is when Stella discovers about Marcus and Emma’s affair. Both Ruth Jones and Catrin Stewart give great grounding to it and the electrifying tension oozes from the screen.

The drama is lightened by the black comedy which surrounds Big Alan’s mothers’ death. The return of Alan’s brother is also delightfully dealt with and the comedy which comes from the scenario is superbly executed by the cast. The carrying of the mother’s coffin is a particular highlight and is darkly funny.

All in all Stella continues on a dazzling path to its conclusion. With Zoe having given birth to Luke’s child, what will happen next to the residents of Pontyberry? All will be revealed in the next episode.



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