Worrisome Wilf: Press Release – A Look At A Great New Children’s Book


Séan Baldwin and Martin Gordon discuss their new book, Worrisome Wilf. 

A little boy with an overactive imagination is the theme of a brand new children’s book by Brighton creators Séan Baldwin and Martin Gordon. ‘Worrisome Wilf’s Beastly Bedtime’ tells the story of Wilf, who is too scared to go to bed because of a noise that he hears outside. His bizarre imagination conjures up all manner of crazy scenarios before he eventually manages to sleep.
Instead of venturing along the traditional publishing route, Sean and Martin decided to launch ‘Worrisome Wilf’ via the crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter.  Author Sean, who wrote for the Harry Hill strip in The Dandy comic says, “We feel Kickstarter is a terrific business model for the future and the whole process has been very liberating for us. We’ve been able to independently publish and distribute the book by managing to reach our pledge target.” The Kickstarter model relies on pledges from the public in return for rewards. “We offered some great Wilf-related merchandise; starting from the published book right through to limited-edition art prints,” says film director, animator and ‘Wilf’ artist Martin. “People seem to identify with Wilf and the campaign proved to be a success.”

 Friends for over 20 years, the pair have collaborated on many film and theatrical projects but this is their first book together. “It’s something we’ve often talked about over the years but now that we’re both parents we had an added incentive,” says Martin. “We love being able to read published copies of Worrisome Wilf to our boys. And we’re very excited about the prospect of other families enjoying his adventures.”

 Sean and Martin recently took their Wilf-themed story sessions to schools in Tunbridge Wells and award-winning bookshop ‘The Book Nook’ in Hove, where they enjoyed an enthusiastic response from children.


“As well as readings and Q & A sessions, we asked the children to divide into writer and artist teams to collaborate on their own story ideas,” says Sean. “Both the kids and ourselves were thoroughly inspired by the workshops and we’re really looking forward to presenting similar events in the South and further afield.”

 With another Wilf adventure in the pipeline and a whole series of books planned, it seems that Wilf’s prospects aren’t quite so worrisome after all.


Worrisome Wilf is available in all good bookshop and online retailers for £6.99. To find out more about the book, visit the website:   www.worrisomewilf.co.uk and check out the book on Twitter @worriwilf  and follow the creators of the  book @hectamus and @drperpendicular .
With thanks to Séan Baldwin and Martin Gordon. 

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