Moonfleet Preview



By Will Barber – Taylor

Moonfleet is Sky One’s brand new historical drama for all the family starring Aneurin Barnard and Ray Winstone. The series is set in 18th century Dorset, against the backdrop of the smuggling era that beset Dorset during that time.

The two parter sees Winstone playing pub landlord, come smuggler, Elzevir Block and Barnard as John Trenchard, a young man seeking Blackbeard’s fabled diamond treasure. Trenchard is beset by dreams of Blackbeard’s ghost and is determined to find the diamond at any cost.

The whole two parter is a wonderful romp with great cinematography, fantastic effects, great acting and superb writing. Moonfleet is adventure drama at its best, bold, exciting and a bit dangerous. Both Barnard and Winstone shine through as two very likeable leads with the supporting cast being equally strong. Both parts have a very Christmassy feel to them in the same way as the classic 1950s Treasure Island film does.

In summary, if you want to see action, adventure with a twinge of romance then you could do no better than tuning into Moonfleet. The first part is on Sky One Saturday December 28th at 8pm with the concluding part on the following Saturday (Sunday December 29th at 8pm).

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